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Panavision DXL could of not been done without the Panasonic Varicam
by Corey Steib on March 13th, 2017

If you are wondering why the title says that the Panavision DXL could of not been done without the Panasonic VariCam, well that's because it's true says Michael Cioni of Panavision and LightIron.

I sent the "Panavision and Panasonic Making a ComeBack?" over to Michael to get this thoughts and feedback. He said that he loved it as it was a great insight as he worked on both systems.

He said that you can see some similarities to both systems as they are both designed for different markets but both are fantastic cameras. He also said that if it was not for the new VariCam system their would be no DXL.

So as you can see that while working on another camera system a new one was created. I give my hat off to all of the camera engineers who really make it possible for us filmmakers. I want to thank Michael Cioni again for taking time out of his busy day to read my blog post and I hope that he could maybe get me a loaner on the DXL :). (Fingers Crossed) :).

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